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Open New Doors for Animals

Open New Doors for Animals


Energy Healing for Animals

Open New Doors for Animal Healing



Energy healing has many definitions and descriptions. For me, energy healing is the practice of influencing our natural  energy fields—found in every life form—to attain health and well being. 

My first experience with  energy healing was in the 1990s with Gary Craig's Emotional Freedom  Techniques (EFT).   Today, the numerous schools of energy healing include EFT, Reiki,  Healing Touch, Reflexology, Kinesiology, flower essences, color and  aroma therapy,  crystals, and more. 

Energy healing is available to everyone, including companion animals. Energy healers take a holistic approach to work with physical, emotional, energetic and spiritual healing.  Yes, our animals have a spiritual side.  Look into their eyes and then try to tell me differently. 

When an injury occurs—physically, emotionally, or spiritually--it can cause a short circuit in the energetic  field that supplies health to our animals.  This energy disturbance, if not cleared, may lead to illness, fatigue,  emotional problems, lack of thriving, inability to heal or other  physical body problems. 

I am Becky Gonzales, a Modern Energist who offers distant healing pet services. The process I use is simple and straightforward.  I send healing energy to your  animal to assist them in clearing energy blockages and injuries and then enhance and support life force healing on those areas. My ultimate goal is to help your companion animal's energy body recover. A healthy field of energy is a powerful assistant to your animal’s long-term health.

Energy healing cannot replace your veterinarian but can work hand in hand with them for your animal’s best healing  ability. We cannot predict the outcome of energy healing as it is unique to each individual. 

Restorative Energy Gives a Healing Boost


All life consists of energy. When injury, trauma or loss happens, this energy can become fragmented and weak. If not addressed,  this disruption to the energy system eventually leads to illness and/or other problems in the physical and emotional body. If you have found no relief for your pet through veterinarian  assistance or wish to add an energetic boost to their healing, contact  Becky to assist your animal in recovery.  Call (608) 622-7338.

Clear Energy Will Help Them Heal


Does your animal appear to  be struggling in one manner or another? Whether it's health, behavior,  energy or something else, add  energy healing to your remedies. This is a wonderful and safe option  that complements veterinary care for your beloved companion. It’s time  to help your animal overcome energy blocks so it can heal. Contact Becky to try energy healing at (608) 622-7338.


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