About Becky

Ever since she was a child, Becky has known that her life would revolve around animals.  She was just 7 years old when she responded to that first urge to help.  She found an injured pigeon under a busy highway viaduct in Dayton, Ohio, one of many places she grew up.   She brought the pigeon home, nursed it back to health, and then released it one evening after school.  That experience encouraged Becky to rescue and help more animals as time passed, involving an assortment of dogs, cats, birds and a lizard or two.  

Her affinity for animals went beyond rescues, as it turned out.  Becky eventually became a professional dog groomer and obedience trainer.  For many years, she also raised and showed miniature Schnauzers in the obedience rings in Wisconsin and neighboring states.  Along the way and over the years, she acquired many beloved companion animals as well as two lovely daughters.

When Energy Healing emerged prominently in the late 1990s, Becky was immediately drawn to it.  She studied and began working in earnest with Energy Emotional Freedom Techniques (EEFT), Reiki, herbal healing and other similar modalities.  For more than 20 years, she has been working with these powerful healing methods to help both animals and people.

Today, Becky is a practicing Reiki Master, Energy EFT Instructor and Energy Healer for Animals (beckygonzales.goe.ac)  She assists all sorts of animals and their people as they overcome a variety of physical, emotional and energetic problems that prevent them from living the best lives possible. If an animal in your care has a problem or a cause for concern, contact Becky today.  Call (608) 622-7338 or write to OpenNewDoorsforAnimals@gmail.com

I Remember...

Shortly after I was Reiki attuned, the barn behind our house burned down. I was a little concerned because I'd heard that not all of the cats that were in it had been found and removed when the residents moved out of the farm. I had to just hope that they had run when they smelled smoke.

The next day a young black and white short haired cat, I guessed at about 6-7 months old, began to haunt our back door. We gave it food and water and it ate for several days and hung around our back door but still remained shy of us.

I sat down outside on the porch steps  near the kitten and began to run simple Reiki energy. The kitten wandered over and began rubbing around my feet and soon hopped up into my lap and stretched itself out over my shoulder and began to purr softly into my ear. Pleasantly surprised, I gently placed my hands on its back and continued the Reiki. After that event, everyone in the household commented in surprise that the kitten was suddenly  friendly: Rolling over for belly rubs and rubbing on legs. 

My husband named him Rocky which was shortly changed to Rockette when we discovered she was pregnant. We gave her a safe place to have her babies and she produced 4 very sweet and healthy babies. We found forever homes for them and then immeditely got her spayed. She has been our devoted "watch" cat ever since. She watches for ways to involve herself in anything we do outdoors around the house.