The Energy Healing for Animals Service Agreement

I, the undersigned, agree to secure the services of Becky Gonzales for the purpose of energy healing at $75 per session plus travel (where applicable), sessions to be mutually agreed upon before commencement.

I agree to pay Becky in full before commencement of each session.

I understand that by consulting an energist, we will be dealing with energy body related problems and solutions exclusively.

I understand that no physical healing is promised and there is no claim of cure for any form of diagnosed illness in any way.

I understand that there will be no physical or material diagnosis, nor prescription of physical or material remedies. All our work together will be strictly energetic and energy body centered.

I understand that the treatment of the energy body has varying effects in individual cases, and we cannot predict the effect of any energy treatment, nor what side effects will emerge.

I fully understand that I am responsible for my animal's physical, mental and energetic well being and will consult with the appropriate professionals as and when this becomes necessary.

I have read and understood the terms of this consent form and am happy to go ahead and discover more about the causes and effects of energy interventions with the help of my energy healer.

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Service Agreement

I have read and understand the Service Agreement above and wish to discuss how Energy Healing may help my animal. (If you are a new client, your 1st 15 minutes are free. Check and see if Energy Healing could be what you are looking for.)

Your 1st 15 minute consult is free.

Open New Doors for Animals

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Hours by appointment only. Please contact me to make arrangements.

One Energy Healing Session with Becky Gonzales C.E.H.A.


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One session of Energy Healing for your animal. 

Three (3) Energy Healing Sessions with Becky Gonzales C.E.H.A


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Chronic and long term problems can require more than one session.  Layering healing energy over time can have amazing results. 

Healing Artifact (paw print tag)


($3.00 shipping)

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Unique to your animals healing, Becky infuses healing energy into the artifact focused on your animals issues at the time. Place near or on animal for best effects. Tag is 1" x 1"