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30+ yr old horse

  I was able to appreciate Becky’s work in Opening New Doors for Animals with my horse last year. I had inherited a very old (over 30 years) Mustang from my aunt and he was transported from Maryland to my farmette in Wisconsin.  “Sparrow” was listless and shy for quite a while after his arrival. Becky and I both knew he was missing my aunt, who loved him very much. He also was a bit confused about his new surroundings and paddock-mates.   Becky used a process she called 'distant healing' for his sad feelings and  sent him healing thoughts. She suggested I pay loving attention to him and make eye-contact.  She also felt that he was having an issue with his left rear hoof.  I did not notice him favoring the foot, but I went to pick his hooves and there was a small stone imbedded in the sole!  I also made it a point to comfort him. Not long after practicing this, Sparrow started to come around. His appetite improved and he was excited to ride with me. Becky often asked after his well-being and supported him during the time he was sick and about to die. She gave me a new view of communicating with my animals. Jeannie Abel Brooklyn, WI 

Lost his buddy

I have a 10 ½ yr old Spring Spaniel who lost his buddy last year.   I consulted Becky and she helped him.  He was  very lonely but after her intercession perked up.  He is much happier  now, sometimes like a puppy.

Beryl Gribbon, Brooklin WI


Q: Do I need to bring my animal to you?

A: No, I work at my best remotely. There are fewer distractions.

Q: How will my animal act while you work with it?

A: It varies. Some will sleep, yawn or lick their lips, some will sit quietly and with interest, some you won't notice anything at all different and a lot of other variations. Animals tend to enjoy it.

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IT'S HERE!  Facebook page is UP!   @opennewdoorsforanimals 

Relocating Problems?

Some animals do not do well with relocation. Whether it's the family moving to a new location or re-homing, animal energetics can be effected and cause emotional and physical issues to develop if not corrected. 

You do not have to travel with your animal because Becky works remotely. 

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If your animal is not thriving or recovering when there doesn't seem to be any reason, Energy Healing may be your answer.

Behavior problems that suddenly develop out of nowhere that you don't understand could be energetically connected.  Try energy healing.

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